Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Like the Sands of Time Through an Hourglass..."

It amazes me how time goes faster
the older I get,
even if I do nothing but sit.
As a child, the day was like it
would never end!
We never wanted to stop
playing with our friends.
Then came the teenage years,
that also brought unwanted tears.
Parents just didn't understand,
We were "grown up" and had our
own plans.
Or at least we thought,
then realized what that
attitude bought!
Soon adulthood put us on our own.
Now we could come and go from
our home.
Along with this, brought more
However, the older we got,
brought less agility.
Our parents roles now became ours.
"What goes around, comes around,"
the switch of "powers!"
Working, raising kids and a house
hold of pets;
reminded us of a time passed,
de ja vu, I guess!
The busyness of life soon brought
about an empty nest.
Now we don't know what to do with, I guess.
The older years are suppose to be golden.
However, a lavished life has made
us beholden.
What has all of this to do with GOD?
While upon this earth, I have
59 years trod.
Hindsight is 20/20.
God has been in my life, plenty!
Brought up by parents who were
saved by my LORD.
Brought up by parents who
taught me His WORD.
A path I have followed
that was previously made,
from the foundation of the
world, it was particularly laid.
I love my GOD, who has shown
more Love to me,
than I could ever understand,
wonder, or believe.
This side of time's life may seem near,
But in Eternity with my Holy God,
it won't be counted in years.
The joy of my LORD and the
provisions he gives,
Assists my life and how I live.
Jesus said, "I Am the Way, the Truth,
and the Life. NO one comes to the
Father, except through Me."
John 14:6
I am so glad I belong to HIM.
Susan Todd

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I Have Placed My Sign..."

The LORD has promised that He would
never again destroy the entire world
by water. The rainbow is that sign.
The LORD has also said in His WORD
that He would give signs and wonders
before His Rapture of His Church.
ONE of those signs is "GREAT
EARTHQUAKES" in diverse places.
Great earthquakes have been
considered by man to be 8 or more on
the Richter Scale. These quakes would
only happen in recorded history one
every so many generations. They are
now happening all over the world
within months of one another.
Famine is another sign Christ gave
His Church.
The earth now has over eight billion
people. Starvation has been for many
years in the "third world" countries;
either due to confiscation, drought,
over population, or contamination.
Disease is another sign of the end
times. The drugs we have had for
years are no longer working against
these "super bugs" bringing viral
contamination and death.
Devastation is taking place in a
country that has been prosperous
in the eyes of the world. Not only
has such devastation come upon
a thriving nation as Japan, now
its food and water have been
found to be contaminated by
This should make mankind think
about how truly fragile he really
is. Without our GOD, we are
The United States wants its
citizens to be calm about our own
nuclear plants. My state, Florida,
has three. They sit upon "holey"
ground, which is the aquifer below.
These huge caverns collect water
(when not in a drought.) With the
constant building of concrete and
asphalt, now going UP in apartment
buildings rather than OUT with just
houses, I wonder how much more
weight this shell rock can hold???
After all, this state was just swamp
and no problems for the shell rock
other that sink holes during drought
(which would present a problem
for nuclear plants!)
Another concern is what do they do
with all of the radioactive nuclear
waste that is the result of these
plants. They have already found
some years ago that many barrels
(buried under the ground) were
leaking which brought
contamination to the ground and
who knows what else.
My major concern against nuclear
plants, deals with terrorists.
These plants would be an ideal
target they could fly an ultra plane
over and drop in a suitcase mini
nuke (which the FBI and NCIS says
they wouldn't be surprised if these
people already have in our country,
it's just locating where they are.)
They also have reported that if one of
these bombs went off in a populated
area, it could kill up to a million
people; not to mention how that
would would multiply involving
a nuclear plant.
The rainbow is GOD's sign to us that He
would not destroy the world again with
water. However, fire and brimstone
are mentioned. Flesh melting from the
bones before they hit the ground is
Praise our Holy, Awesome, Almighty,
Creator, Savior, Father GOD; the
next Rainbow we see will be the
One that surrounds His Throne in
The time is near, at hand, even at the
Door. Love our families, friends, and
acquaintances with sharing our
Magnificent GOD's salvation!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God's Amazing Beauty Displayed For Man

I thank my blogger friends for the use of
their pictures!
In a world of fast paced hustle and bustle,
it is so relaxing to see pictures that
brings me to stop and look at the
beauty displayed by GOD.
As the old saying goes, "Take time to
stop and smell the roses."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Like a Butterfly in the Sky

I don't think I can look at another butterfly
without remembering this picture the
space Hubble has taken.
From a little 3 inch insect to a phenomena
in outer space that reaches millions of
light years across!
It brings me to the scripture in Psalm 19:1
which says, "The Heavens declare the
Glory of GOD!" Romans 1:20 follows
up with that by saying, "For since the
creation of the world GOD's invisible
qualities-- His Eternal Power and
Divine Nature--have been clearly seen,
being understood from what has been
made, so the men are WITHOUT EXCUSE!
I can't understand why the majority of
mankind will still deny our Holy, Awesome,
Majestic, Creator, Savior, Father GOD!
His Wonder is to be seen in everything
that lives as well as is! His WORD says in
Luke 19:40, "I tell you...if they (disciples)
keep quiet, the stones will cry out!"
Can you imagine an inanimate object
speaking at GOD's Command!
When you know the Savior, the Wonders
of GOD are even magnified in all of
the beauty He has placed here for
mankind. Praise His Name that
One Day it will be as it was in
the Garden of Eden with Christ
on the Throne. The Harmony
under His rule will have the
lamb laying next to the lion,
a child shall handle the asp.
How much more so when after this
Eternity begins with GOD's New
Wonders for His Children!
Today is the 19th year my dad was
escorted into the Holy Presence of
our LORD. I miss you dad, but I
know I will see you again. I love you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spiraling Out of Control!

It is so dazzling at the marvels of space.
Even though different filters have been
used, it shows what our eyes would
otherwise not see!
Could today's world be that of the "latter
days" spoken of in the Bible? Mankind is
like the spiral of the above wonder in space.
Some short time in the future the energy
of this helix will either explode into a
neutron star or implode into a black hole.
No matter which, if man were near he
would not survive either.
Societies today are spiraling out of
control. Too many wanting to be in
control of too much and none willing
to cooperate. Just as an unstable system
in outer space cannot continue to exist,
so does civilizations who have reached
their apex. History repeats itself, man
refuses to learn from history.
The apex of Revelation is the Tribulation!
That which the world has never seen nor
ever will see again. Man's complete
annihilation would take place this time
would it not be for Christ's intervening.
However, the result of this will bring
much annihilation of the population left
that have received the Mark of the Beast.
It will occur with the Brightness of His
Coming with His Saints.
Prayers be, you have chosen to be with
the Greatest Power in the Universe,
the ONE Who Created it! His Zenith will
be such as no one has seen in any of the
pictures from the Hubble.
Again, "Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard
nor has it entered the heart of man what
GOD has planned for those who love Him
and His Appearing!"