Thursday, October 31, 2013

Las Vegas Hotels Part 3

So many beautiful hotels!  We didn't have the time to go inside each of them, but several we did get to see inside!

I can't express the size of these large architectural  structures of ART!  

I can only imagine Barnum and Bailey's Circus being held above! You could have a jungle reproduction inside!

I have never seen any Hilton Hotels any bit the size of the one above! Wow! No wonder the previous post of the Flamingo's hallway went out of sight in a straight line!!

Can you believe each speck above is a window in the Mandarin Hotel!

The entrance to the Mandarin has these Dragons ready for flight! You can see the size of the people below!

Who doesn't recognize the MGM? I love seeing the Lion roar at the beginning of all of the MGM movies! 

Reminds me of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Our Majestic King is not far from saying, "Come up hither!" What a Rapture that will be!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Las Vegas Hotels Part 2

The Days of Shivery were definitely not like that today! I don't think their castles had the comfort of the Excalibur!

It's kind of a cross between Disney and the English days of the knights! Rapunzel would surely need more hair than in the fairy tale!

They didn't have solar street lights, pools, automobiles, and tourist in their day either, ha! (Nor casinos in their "dungeons,") lol!  

The Hotel themes were really enjoyable!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Las Vegas Hotels

The lights of Vegas are really bright!
I just loved seeing the beautiful fountains! The Bally's Fountain is below. What a sight to see!

Below is the outside view of The Flamingo where we stayed!

The first hotel I wanted to see was The Luxor!

It's amazing how much larger it is to see it in person than looking at pictures!

Wait until you see the size of it inside!

I can only imagine if I were standing at Pharaoh's toes! That would be one way to look small, ha! 

I'm "about leg high to a grasshopper!"  No pun concerning the locusts that came upon them to let GOD's people go.

Entrance into the Pharaoh's domain! I did not go!  

Another view; you can see the cars in the parking lot to be the size of the lower first row of "bricks" building the pyramid.

It surely was pretty to see all of the lights at night!
This is just the first of many hotels! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Viva, Viva, Las Vegas Part 2

What a hotel! I can't believe the size of it! I am so glad Alice booked the Flamingo Hotel! She knows how much I love GOD's birds!

A beautiful nature walk was in the hotel. Of
course, the name sake of the hotel were the first birds we saw. I couldn't believe how bright the under feathers were! They had a brilliant candescence!  

Before we continued our journey, we stopped to get pictures of the flamingo art work! 

It was such an enjoyable walk and the animals were so accepting of us!

I am really familiar with the pelicans! Living in the Florida Keys for 28 years, they would glide right next to our boat (when we were going at full speed!)

Dad, one time, even assisted a wild pelican that had walked up to him when he was casting his net for shiners. It was all wrapped in nylon fishing string. I was so surprised at how the bird accepted dad's help when he cut the line from the entangled bird. It flapped it's wings in joy! Before it flew away, dad dropped a large handful of the fish into the birds mouth pouch! 

The ducks were so at home. Thank the LORD these will be some that won't be harmed by hunters!

One of the cutest things they would do when they got out of the water was to shake the water from their tails as they got onto the rocks!
 Even the turtles enjoyed being around the birds and people!

I couldn't believe the size of the goldfish! This one was at least a foot and a half long! (And that's no fish tale, lol!)

At the entrance to the Flamingo walk, they had this huge Macaw in his gigantic cage! It reminded me of my Blue and Gold Macaw, Max awaiting my return!

Can you believe how big this hotel is!!! The hallway went about half this distance in the other direction!

This is just where we stayed! The next post will have pictures of other fantastic hotels we visited because of their individual uniqueness!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Viva, Viva, Las Vegas! Part One

From Wyoming we went through:

the corner of Idaho...

...the corner of Utah...

...into Nevada to Las Vegas!


We got to Las Vegas at 6 a.m! We stopped to get a picture of the welcome sign. After leaving it, a police car pulled us over. His lights were flashing and his siren was going! I thought, "Oh, no! I hope we don't show up on the t.v. show, "Cops!" ha!  The lights of the city were so bright, I had forgotten to turn on the car's lights!  He asked a few questions then said the lights need to be on so the drunks would see me coming and not step out in front of me! 

We stayed in the Flamingo Hotel! I will share more of this in Part 2!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Visit to Yellowstone

Our next stop was at Yellowstone National Park. I'm so sad the parks are now closed! Praise the LORD our trip was completed!

We were able to get someone to take a picture of the three of us in turn we did the same for them!

The people had gathered to see Old Faithful let her Geyser blow! We got there after the main event!

There was still a little bit of it letting off its steam!

The last of the steam until the next event!

One of my favorite sights was when we were leaving the park. A buffalo, eating grass was standing "lop-sided" on the side of the hill next to the road about 2 feet off of the highway! The cars were no bother to him. However, the park ranger using his truck "herded" the bison to the other side of the highway and down its embankment to a safer place to graze.