Monday, June 27, 2011

A Touch of New!

The old may not look so old,

but up close...blah! The

couches are 25 years


The big couch's cushions were so worn,

they were splitting!


I went from sofas with quilted cushions


Believe it or not, the new smell of the

leather has totally repelled Xena

(Bullmastif) from getting

upon it. Sam is so old now

he can no longer climb up.

Dolly and Gracie never got

on them anyway!

Now, to get the carpet ripped out

and my laminate flooring

continued! You can just

barely see it on the



What a nice smell the

leather has too!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Words of Wisdom from the Book of Ruth

What a blessing to have family!

(Happy Father's Day, Jim!)

Ruth says, "Your daughter-in-law, who loves better to you than seven sons."

For me, I say "sister-in-law" can be

put into that sentence too,

"Your 'sister-in-law,' who loves you...

is better to you that seven sons!

What a testimony you and Jim have been to me.

Your trust in the LORD is so strong!

In my daily reading (Daily Bread 6/21/11)

John Piper says, "In all the setbacks of your

life as a believer, GOD is plotting for your JOY!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scott and Megan's Wedding!

The Most Beautiful Wedding!

The Most Gorgeous Bride!

The Most Handsome Groom!

Husband and Wife, now!

The Most Beautiful Bride's Maid!
Future nephew-in-law!
I don't think I'd make it on
"Dancing with the 'Stars'!"

Weddings always make me think of
THAT Wedding of the
Church and Christ!

What joy beyond imagination
that will be!

Friday, June 10, 2011


What a wonderful time with family

and friends!

Jim should go into photography!

My principal!

My family! Jim and Nellie, DeeAnna,

Scott and Megan, me!

So many friends! I have taught with

them as well as teaching some

of their children!

Newly Weds in the forefront!

LONGGGG time friends in the back!

So many friends! Trish is also from

Key West where I grew up! Olga,

I have worked with most of

my school's existence!

Even my previous principal

who is such a great Christian


Another friend and her husband

whom I have been there for her two

children's' birth!

Another great friend who has a

laugh that keeps you smiling!

Fellow Kindergarten teachers,

my friend who has done my

hair for years, teacher

assistants we now surely

miss due to cuts in budget!

Office workers we could not do without!

My principal that we don't realize

the work load of her job! A dear

friend, Linda and her husband!

Part of my kindergarten team! It

makes such a difference when

you have a group of people

that are family!

Another part of our kindergarten

family, some from over the years.

Okay, Valentin, where were you!

He is a teacher in high school and

Betsy, his wife taught with us in

kindergarten before she was

moved to gifted class!

Family. It isn't just your immediate

members. It also encompasses all

those you have bonded with over

the years!

These are the kindergarten teachers

I have work with over the years,

26 years with this county!


I have taught for 34 years.

32 for the state and 2 for private



I am now ready for what my

LORD has in store for me!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweep It Over, Rover!

Can you guess what this is!

No, I didn't drop my purse on the floor!

It's a GPS Sweeper!

It was so easy to get started! I let it
charge overnight! Then let it go!
I have a video, but can't get it to
load!! (I'll try on my next blog!)

Friday, June 3, 2011


Like a butterfly, I can now

take my time.


I guess that's what these

people are doing that I

used to complain when

I would be behind them

wondering why they

were driving so slowly, ha!


My retirement party was

so wonderful. It was so

grand to see all the

friends and family I have

made over the years!


Thanks so much to you

who came! You mean so

much to me!