Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mount Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore, the backside!

Mt. Rushmore, the front side!
Not only were we visiting, but Sterges Motorcycle Club was also!  1,000's! Our alarm clock the next morning were all of the motorcycles cranking up!!

It was always hard to get the three of us in the same picture! Below is Brenda and myself.
It was hard for Brenda to get pictures of Alice and me due to her vision not being to good.
On the way out I was able to get a closer view. This was taken on the side of the road behind a few miles of cars and motorcycles! So many people found this great spot to take a picture of the mountaintop!

On the way out we also passed by other hotels. At this hotel there was a wooden statue of Col. Custard! I wonder if "Saw Dogs" had anything to do with this wooden replica?

This is a picture from the car as we left the mountains that had Mt. Rushmore, heading to our next state! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

States We Went Through to get to South Dakota

When we left Missouri, we went through the state of:

There was so much farmland!

We just barely went across the Northeastern corner of Nebraska. Janet (my blogger friend)was born in this state! This is another state of wide open land!

We came into the mountain ranges that were 6000 feet high! We came into South Dakota!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Missouri and the Arch

I just realized you can see the pictures in FULL if you click on the pictures! It surely makes it for better viewing!!

From Memphis, Tennessee we went through Arkansas to Missouri.

It didn't take very long until we came to the Missouri Arch!

It was much bigger (taller) than I thought (as you will see in the following pictures!)

I think my postcard collection has more of Missouri than the other places I visited!

The picture below is one of my pictures! As you can see, the people look like "ants" compared to the height of the Arch!

Before going up in the Arch we looked at the history of building it that was displayed in wooden carved murals!  They were really unique! Some of my pictures didn't turn out due to the lighting, it made them turn out red!

Here I stand in front of one. I can't believe that the Arch was started back in the late 1800's!

Alice, myself, and Brenda after we got out of the "little" car that brought us and two others to the top of the Arch.

You can see we reached the top just at sunset! This is a picture of Missouri from the top of the Arch!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Continued trip through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee

The capital building was right in the same area as the Churches of MLK.

This was one of the churches he preached in.

This was another church he preached at.

This is a beautiful park in the same area as the churches and capital building.

We traveled on through Alabama and the corner of Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee where we stayed overnight.