Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Doggie Heaven V

I had never had a pure bred
dog before. Above is the oldest
picture I have of my "Lady Ginger!"
She is a boxer. The closest to her
was Chopper who was Boxer-mix.
At the loss of Rookie, my heart was
empty of my canine friends. A
friend in my church had mentioned
a friend of hers, dog had just had
Boxer pups. So, began another
many years of dogs in the family!

Lady Ginger is only 5 1/2 weeks old
in this picture. It was summer and
I had time to take care of her since
I was out of school. She was the runt
in the litter and the other pups
wouldn't let her in to feed. (She
was one of 11 puppies!) So, I took
her home to allow her to get the
much needed nourishment she
needed to grow strong and healthy.

She was so small, but not fragile!
Her energy level was amazing! I
didn't think I could "poop" her
out! She loved chasing her tennis
ball on the bed.

As she grew in statute, her breed
began to show! Her head up, tail
up, feet back (though only one in
this picture. She quickly began
holding both back in her stance!)
And, her eyes on the target!

It didn't take but a few months and
her solid muscle began to show
with all of the exercise she got.

Ginger loved to run among dad's
cannas! I happened to get a
picture of Ginger as she lay resting
in dad's garden of flowers!

As Ginger grew, her tail began to
give her some problems. My vet
(who had taken care of all of my
other dogs) realized that who
had clipped their tails as baby
pups, did not clip hers between
the vertebrae and a piece of bone
was poking her skin. It was
quickly corrected by him as you
can see her shaved tail in this
picture below.

When Ginger was 1 1/2 years old,
she had a litter of her own pups.
Her box had been prepared and
she went in when she was ready.
The vet had checked her by ultra
sound and saw 3 puppies. When
Ginger began to birth, I was there
to help. She had a pup every 30
minutes. Then no more. I
thought she was finished, but an
hour later she had one more!
2 fawn, 1 brindle, 1 black!

When these beautiful puppies
were grown, I sold three and we
kept the "black" pup who would
be named, "Sir Reginald the Marque
Duke!" More to come on him, later!

Ginger would only have one litter.
Her son, Reggie would become her

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doggie Heaven IV

Remember this picture of
Rookie? His chair mate is
Sissy, a shepherd/lab mix.

We acquired Sissy when we lived
in the Keys. She belonged to a
couple that lived in one
of the rental trailers we had
behind our property. She didn't
stay at her home much as you
can see below. She poked a hole
in our screen to see in. With
each visit, the hole got bigger.
Finally, one day the hole was
big enough that she just
hopped through and came
in for a visit! The couple was
moving and couldn't keep her.
They were going to take her to
the "pound," but we couldn't
let them do that. So, Sissy
became our dog.

One of the things Sissy liked to
do was sit on the same palm tree
that Tigger (our cat) like to lay on.
(Previous blog shows that picture.)

She also liked to sit in the
outside swing that dad had
made in his workshop.
She liked it more when we would
sit with her!

Sissy, along with Moe Cat, Tigger,
and Rookie moved with us when
we moved out of the Keys.
When we moved to our new home
in the woods, Sissy had a bad
habit of bringing coral snakes to
us. As they dangled in her mouth,
we could see where she had bitten
through their neck right behind
their heads. No matter how we
reprimanded her to leave the
snakes alone, she still would
occasionally bring one to us.
One afternoon, Sissy lay in the
cool of the breeze as we went
outside. She didn't respond to
much to us when we called her
name. We could see she had
drool coming out of her mouth.
As we looked around the back
of her, we saw a dead coral snake.
However, this time her luck ran
out. Before she had killed it,
it must have gotten its fangs
into her, dispensing its deadly
We rushed her to the vet. They
had to keep her for three days.
She survived, but the venom
had brought total blindness.
It was amazing how she knew
when we came to get her. She
knew our voices. She was so excited
to find her way to us when we
went to the animal clinic to
being her home.
Sad to say, our Sweet Sissy within
a week or so went into kidney
failure. The vet Dr. said it was
probably due to the poison
from the snake bite. The only
thing we could do was to
have her put to sleep.
Sissy was our last pet (to die) that
we had brought from the Keys. Our
home was now empty of
"Man's Best Friend." This
was the first time in 23 years
that we had no animals to
wake up to, to be with us
throughout the day, and to
go for rides in the car with us.
There was an emptiness that
soon was to be filled.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kitty Heaven III

We had a ferel cat come up
when I was feeding Mo Cat
outside. I started feeding him
too. He had a nice personality
and I just loved his coloring.
He was so trusting.
I named him, Sandy Cat.

When he became trusting enough,
I took him to the vet.....
I was sad to find out he had heart
worms, his teeth were rotten,
and his heart was not in very
good condition to be such a
young cat. Mom said we didn't
have the money to take care
of him. So my first encounter
came with having to take an
animal to the Humane Society. I
prayed that someone with
money would adopt him
and take good care of him.
My heart broke when I left
him in the little courtyard
they had for them. He wanted
to go with me. The look in his
eyes was one of....my betrayal!
I cried all the way home.
It was hard for a 17 year old
to leave behind
this beautiful natured cat. I
knew in my heart they would
check him over and he would
be the first to have his life
taken due to his condition. I
should have just taken him home
and let him die of natural causes,
but mom said we wouldn't
know what pain he may have
gone through. I really should
have had the vet put him to
a peaceful sleep with me by
his side. I could only think of
the worst scenarios he must
be going through at
"the place" where most animals
are put down.
This is what makes me think
that our loving Lord would not
allow his creatures to go through
such hardship and there not be
an afterlife for them in God's
New Heaven and Earth.
"For all of God's Creation itself
will be delivered from its bondage
of decay and brought into the
Glorious freedom of the
children of God." Romans 8:21
I have had people say, "This new
earth would not be big enough to
hold all of the animals God has
created." My reply, "Who says
our earth will be the same size as
it is now? The New Jerusalem
that is to set upon the newly
created earth is to be 1400 miles
wide, 1400 miles long, and 1400
miles high! The space shuttle is
only 200 miles high! This new
City of God needs to go up 1200
miles higher!
God has said, "Eye has not seen, nor
ear heard, nor has it entered the
heart of man, what God has planned
for those who love Him!"
I believe with all my heart we will
not only see our beloved pets
again, but the beauty of all of
His animal kingdom in a fashion
we can't now comprehend!
With God, ALL things are possible!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doggie Heaven III

Jim and Nellie's dog, Rookie
(long haired dachshund) was
gotten as a puppy while they were
in Germany. He was known as
mom and dad's granddog before
Scott was born.
He was with them for seven years
when Scott was born. As Scott
got older, he loved Rookie, but
Rookie would bite at him. So,
Rookie became our dog.

Rookie loved living in Key West.
Dad would always give our dogs
the coconut hulls when he would
get them from our trees and
take out most of the coconut.
Dad would always leave just
a little for them to chew on.

While Rookie lived with us, we
acquired another dog, Cissy.
They got along just great!
They both would move with us
when we left the Keys.

Once we moved to our new home,
Rookie's age and health began to
take toll. His beautiful face began
to fill with gray. His defective back
leg made it harder for him to walk.
He had congested heart failure which
brought on his heart to swell,
surrounding with water.
Rookie always like to walk down
to the culdesac. One morning he
didn't quite make it back to the
front door, when we heard a
loud yelp followed by a deep
grown. Our beloved Rookie
had had a heart attack that
took him quickly.
I'll never forget his beautiful
brown eyes that gave his face a
look of smiling. He loved to
always be where we were.
I'm sure in my heart that one of
our surprises in Heaven will be
to see these creations of God
waiting for us and praising
their creator with our entry
to Almighty God's Kingdom!
Rom. 8:21-22

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kitty Heaven II

Tigger joined our family not long
after we had gotten Dumplins.
This was his favorite place to sit,
on my Plymouth station wagon.
He is about 10 weeks old

Cats really love trees. We had a coconut
palm a hurricane had blown over in
years passed, that Tigger love to run
upon or just lay on waiting for dad
to come in from his fishing trips!

One of Tigger's sneaky things he
liked to do, was lie in wait under
our porch for someone to pass.
When we would walk by, he'd
dart out, wrap himself around
our leg and give a "tender" bite;
then shoot back under the porch!
I'll never forget the yell mom did
one time when she had an armful
of clothes she had just gotten off
the clothesline. In her moment
of surprise she yelled out, "That
darn cat! If you don't stop doing
that, Tigger..."

My nephew was three years old
in this picture. He just loved Tigger
until one day when Tigger had
enough of being carried around
the yard. There after he would
replied when he saw Tigger,
"That cat just terrifies me!"
Tigger moved with us when we left
the Keys. While we were renting
(waiting for our house to be built)
one day, Tigger disappeared.
When we went on the back porch,
we could hear him meowing.
We finally tracked it to the edge
of the roof. He had gotten inside
the attic and worked his way down
to the soffit. Dad got a ladder,
and while at the top of it, he pulled
the soffit aside. There was Tigger.
However, he wasn't about to come
down. So, dad pulled him out.
Tigger was good not to scratch him.
Dad fixed the vent on the roof so
he couldn't get in again.
We were in the rental about
11 months. Just before we
were to move to our new home,
I couldn't locate Tigger.
He did not come when he was
called. I went around the
neighborhood looking for him
but never found him. My
only hope was if someone found
him and kept him, that he had
a good home.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doggie Heaven II

After I had gone off to college,
the last of "The Big Coppitt Trio,"
Skeeter, passed away. I was so
heartbroken to know I would
return to only my Mo Cat.
On a Friday before I was to
leave and go home on break,
some girls from the dorm and
I went to the mall. Of all things,
in the middle of the mall, the
Humane Society had some dogs
that needed homes. One of the girls
said this was the dogs last chance
and would probably be put down
if not adopted. My heart broke
again as I went up looking at
all of the beautiful faces of
dogs. One in particular caught
my attention. She was a basset
dachshund mix. She had such
a sadness in her eyes and not
much of a response when I
talked to her. No eye contact,
no tail wagging; in fact she
just lay her head back down
and ignored me. But she had
a beauty about her I just
couldn't explain. I told the
attendant I would take her.
The girls giggled in response!
"Susie, You can't take her
to the dorm!" I replied that
it would be for only a night!
It was amazing, the change in
her personality as soon as she
was released from the wire
kennel she was housed in.
She stood up on the side of my
leg stretching, her tail wagged
like a butterfly's wings, she let
out a yawn followed by a vocal
slide from soprano to base! I
then saw her true personality
break out of its darkness of
When we got back to the dorm,
the girls mentioned that she
didn't smell very good. I told
them, "I'll take care of that."
I quickly took her into the
bathroom and used some of
my bath gel and scrubbed
her good. All she wanted to
to do was play in the water!
When I was finished, I couldn't
believe the ring around the
I didn't call mom and dad with
the surprise I was bringing home.
I had a 220 mile drive which took
about 5 hours down the two laned
road through the Keys. My new
pup seemed to enjoy it from the
start by rolling all over the
carpet I had in the back of my
station wagon. She soon went
to sleep as the wind whirled in
one window, around and out the
Upon reaching home, my first
greeting was, "Look who I have
brought! I know you missed Skeeter
so much, I just couldn't resist
this beauty in the mall the day
before I left to come home! I
named her Dumplins; because
mom likes chicken & dumplings
so much!"
I couldn't understand the blank
look on their faces. It dawned
on me when I left a week later
going back to college when mom
asked, "You're taking your dog
aren't you?"
When I came home for the summer,
mom and dad had bonded with
this cute little dog. I then found
out from mom all she had to do;
feeding, potty training, shots, and
a mild case of kennel cough they
had to go through with visits to
the vet.
All in all this little dog proved to
be a sweet, adorable little dog
that loved to lay aside you in the
easy chair as you laid it back to
watch t.v. She especially liked
to be next to dad.
It was at this time that we
acquired Rookie from Jim and
Nellie. They could no longer
keep Rookie due to his aggression
toward baby Scottie...his story is
to come next.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kitty Heaven

Mo Cat came to us on his own.
He was about 3 months old.
Mom named him. Since our
dog's name was Skeeter, mom
named our new kitty, Mo. If you
call the cat first, then the dog;
You have Mo Skeeter. Get it?
You know...like in the insect

Mo didn't stay home very much.
But, after mom had taken him
to the vet one day while I was
at school, he never left our yard
again. It wasn't until years
later that I understood why!

Mo could be found just about
anywhere in our yard. One of his
favorite places was a pot mom
had left out for dad to put his
filleted fish in.
One day I found him in the back
yard laying in the grass. He
kept flinching like electric
static was traveling under
his body. It was then I realized
he was laying on a grass snake.
Every time the snake would move,
it would make him jump. The
snake would just about slither
away from him and he'd reach
out with a claw and pull it back!
I felt so bad for the snake! It was
then that I realized why we had
dead snakes in our yard. When
Mo finished "playing" with them
he would kill them! This day I
made Mo leave it along by taking
this "bad" little kitty into the house!

When dad backed the boat into the
yard, Mo was always there. He
knew to go to the outside sink
dad had for cutting up his fish.
He would always give Mo some
of the raw fish. Little did Mo
realize he was getting sushi!

Mo had had a life of any cat's
dreams! In his older years he
began to get cataracts. He
loved to just lay in the early
morning sunshine. We moved
from the Keys taking Mo with us,
of course. He had started to have
mini seizures which soon became
pretty significant and frequent.
My heart broke when we had to
have him put to sleep, but he
couldn't live in any quality of
of life.
Mo live for 16 years, most in the
Florida Keys with the "Life of
Riley" as the saying goes. I
know he's in Kitty Heaven
and I'm sure I will see him
again as Romans 8:21-22 says
"Because the creature itself
also shall be delivered from
the bondage of corruption
into the Glorious Liberty
of the Children of God."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doggie Heaven.

I was still in elementary school
when we got our first dog while
we lived in the Florida Keys.
Flash was his name! He is on the
left. He is Spitz breed. He loved
to go out in the boat with us.
The only problem was, he loved
the birds. When they would
fly across the bow (while the
boat was going at full speed), he
would run from the back of the
boat and jump to the bow.
One day his feet were wet and
when he ran upon the bow,
he couldn't put on his "brakes!"
He went flying right across and
off the bow with the boat going
full speed. Dad's quick thinking
of jerking the steering to the
right, then back left had the
propeller miss hitting him.
Coming to a quick stop, we
turned around and went back
to him as he was "dog paddling"
to catch us!
Another thing he like to do was
stick his head under water to
pick up rocks! Along the shore
we would throw a rock. He would
stick his head under the water
(blowing bubbles through his
nose) and pick it up!
We then
got "Chopper" (who is in the
middle.) She is boxer/lab mix.
When Chopper came running
to you, you better move out of
her way. She didn't seem to know
to go around you! Once a friend
was walking with me and Chopper
was running at full speed. I told
her, "You better watch to move
out of her way." Before I could
finish my sentence, Chopper had
run into the back of her legs and
she went flying up into the air!
Chopper was definitely a "Bull
in a China Shop!" Ha!
Skeeter is their daughter. She
had Flash's color and size.
Believe it or not, Flash taught
them how to go over the
fence! Dad made some hooks
that fit on their collars. When
they would try to go over, it would
catch in the fence and prevent
them from doing so. He only put
it on them when they could be
watched from inside. He had
earlier cemented all down the
bottom of our fence, so they
couldn't dig out!
We were in the flight pattern
of the Navy base jets. When
they would come over, Flash
would howl. Later Chopper,
then Skeeter joined in. We
called them, "The Big Coppitt
Trio!" The name is from the
Key we lived on...
...46 years ago.