Monday, April 25, 2011

The Heart of an Owl

I never realized the shape of owls

faces were in heart shapes!


I'm fascinated with these birds of

prey when they are rescued from

bad situations, are rehabilitated

and returned to the wild.


I'm so thankful people have this kind

of love for our Creator's creatures.


I wish the same could be for Florida's


Saturday, April 23, 2011

He Has Risen!

The WORD has said to those who do

not know Christ, His words to them

are as foolishness. Praise the LORD,

that He has departed the Truth to

His own!


I can't thank my GOD enough that

He would take upon Him my sins

as also the sins of all others.


The penalty of sin has been paid.

Those who recognize the Truth

will one day be resurrected to

Eternal Life with Him Forever!


To those who reject His Truth,

they will be resurrected to

damnation. What they

now deny will not matter.

The Truth will have them

bow their knee and confess

Christ is LORD to the Glory

of the Father.


What an amazing life we have

when we know our Savior! His

Holy Spirit is with us always,

even into Eternity!


"All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,

Let Angels prostrate fall.

To Him all Majesty ascribe;

and Crown Him LORD of All!"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Joy of Spring...New Life!

The birds were singing with joy

as the sun was rising, their

joyful songs unknown!


The beauty of the trees' new

limey green growth that will

soon turn to dark green!


The new vegetation with its

bright colors portrayed in

a natural high definition!


The baby bunnies eating the

fresh greens of Spring!


New Life! How exciting that

we too have been given New

Life in Christ!


The best is yet to come!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"He Leads Me in the Paths of Righteousness"

Thank you, Bonnie for this beautiful

picture! I'm so honored to have such

wonderful pictures from friends

who travel.


Again, I use the phrase, "Hind sight

is 20/20." When you look back upon

your life, you can see every stop,

turn, and go that has occurred!


One of the things most amazing are

the "stops." I am so thankful for

them in that the LORD has led me

to a place of rest when I needed it

the most!


The "turns" have been led by my

LORD to keep me on His Path of

Righteousness. Even though there

were times I didn't want to go that

way, His Strength guided me

anyhow! I'm so thankful He did!


Now, He has led me down a new

path...that of retirement! I have

wanted it for so long and I DO feel

His Holy Spirit's leading me this

way. So, the "go" in my life now

will be directed to new

things He has

in store for






Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jesus Wept

The Weeping Willow tree's leaves are

so prominent. It reminds me of a

horse's tail flowing in the

gentle breeze.


I've often wondered why it is called

a "weeping" willow. I guess it's

because of its hanging branches

reaching toward the ground; as does

our tears when they flow down.


However, tears can be joyful as well

as in sorrow. How sorrowful it must

have been when Christ wept for those

that His message fell upon deaf ears.

His WORD rejected. His tears could

see what those people could not,

Eternal separation from GOD in

the Hereafter.


Praise our LORD, GOD, and Savior;

we will have tears of joy! When that

trumpet sound comes from the

Shofar, our tears of sorrow will be

wiped away by our Savior Himself

and we will have no more sorrow

of a fallen world; only the JOY that

we now can not know!


I choose to think of the Weeping

Willow tree to be like that of the

horse's tail, flowing in the breeze of



Thank you, Jesus that You allowed

me to be one of Your few to hear

of Your Salvation, accept Your

Invitation, and receive Your Gift

of Eternal Life.