Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kings From Afar.

Not only did the Angels in
Heaven share the LORD's
birth with the shepherds
in the field, but His star
led kings from afar to
worship the Christ Child.
Almighty GOD also
directed them to not go
back the way they came.
For Herod was up to no
good and was using
them to find this
Miracle of GOD,
Jesus who is GOD
in the flesh!
What a time in man's
history, to have GOD
walk among us!
But, Christ later shared,
"What greater faith those
in the future will have that
have not seen Me, yet believe!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Angels We Have Heard on High

Christ's birth was foretold

thousands of years

before He came to



His Angelic host told the

shepherds where they

could see Him.


Upon seeing Jesus,

the kings sent by

Herod, went back

another way and

did not return to

him with the

information about

the Christ Child.


God became an infant,

confounded the men

of the Sanhedrin as

a Child, and saved

the human race as

in His Perfect Man hood.


What will you do with

the God-Man, Jesus?


Accept His sacrifice

for your sins and

spend Eternity with

Him. Please do not

reject so great a salvation

and spend Eternity

without Him!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Star in the East

Compliments from Bonnie's blog.
This Star is Special!
All who looked at it knew
it was the sign of
something different.

The shepherds in their fields by
night, saw and wondered
at it's Holy Light.
One Day we shall see that Holy
Light when our Master and
Savior says, "Come up hither,"
and we are caught up in the
Cloud of His Glory and will
forever be with our
Creator GOD.