Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Coming Storm

It's amazing the violent explosions that
casts out for hundreds, even thousands
of light years in many of the nebulas the
space Hubble has caught on film.
Even so, the Bible has said about a war
that will take place on earth; one that
has never been so severe or will ever
happen again.
Many interpreters want to take the
Bible as a historical account rather
than prophetic. Just as GOD IS,
has always been, and always will be;
so is the WORD. The prophecies have
time and again come to pass 100's of
years after it was told or written.
The world is now ripening for the
latter days. The countries of the
world are in an uproar and turmoil
as a woman in labor, bringing
about instability. America is not
immune! It too is about to fall
and how great its fall will be.
Time is ripening for the anti-christ.
World economic collapse is happening.
Israel's enemies are boiling up
around them. The world,
including American politicians
is turning its back on Israel.
Homosexuality is running ramped.
Terrorist are setting up to use atomic
weaponry to demolish the world
if not even themselves in the process.
GOD and His WORD is true, for those
who belong to Him as well as those
who don't. As I had ended a poem I
wrote in 2004, the LORD has promised:
"I will lead you, walk in my ways.
I will strengthen you all of your days.
Keep your eyes upon me,
And you will I lead.
Then, Eternally the Gates of Heaven
I will open unto thee."
A prayer I pray:
"LORD let today be the day
that Your Will be fulfilled.
So, the Rapture may come
and take us all Home."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"In the Beginning, GOD Created..."

The Hubble has shown what a vast universe
this is, yet it still has not begun to reached the
middle; much less the end if there be such.
Heaven plays no part of this universe, for
I Peter tells of this universe melting with
fervent heat before the New Heaven and
New Earth are created. The New Jerusalem
is withdrawn from hovering the earth
at the end of the millennial reign of Christ
back to Heaven when this present universe
will melt with fervent heat. Its final
resting place will be upon the New
Earth. What a gigantic earth it
has to be for a 2,250,000 cubic mile
City of GOD to sit upon! Again the
incomprehensibility comes to
man's inability to understand!
All I can do is just Praise His Holiness
and thank Him that He has allowed me
to be part of it all, through the sacrifice
Christ made for my sins and the sins
of all mankind.
GOD's creation continues beyond what
we can comprehend. "Eye has not seen
nor ear heard, nor has it entered the
heart of man what GOD has planned for
those who love Him."
I Cor. 2:9

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Eye Has Not Seen..."

What amazing pictures of outer space! There
is so much out there for the Hubble to proclaim
to the world!
God's WORD also proclaims, "Eye has not seen
nor ear heard, nor has it entered the heart
of man what God has prepared for those
who love Him." I Cor. 2:9
Incomprehensibility! No man can understand
the ways of GOD. His ways are so far above
our own. Why would such an Awesome GOD
be interested in me? Because He created
me. He formed me in my mother's womb
as he has with every single human being;
as well as those who have been aborted
from the earliest stages of dividing cells.
They are now in His Holy Presence,
awaiting the day we all will receive our
new bodies and then experience the
incomprehensibility to be a
starting of comprehension that we
will spend an Eternity of abounding
in His Knowledge and Loving Grace!
What man now holds to be precious; gold,
jewels, ivory will be what the roads,
foundations and buildings will be made
out of! Can you imagine; streets of pure
gold, gates of ivory, foundations of
amethyst, emerald, jasper....Even a sea
of glass is mentioned!
"Oh, what an Awesome GOD!
He reigns from Heaven above!"
One day we shall see Him for who
He is, The Great I Am!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Before the World Was, I Knew You."

Ephesians 1:4 declares GOD's knowledge of
everyone before they were ever created!
This picture the Hubble took looks like a
fetus in the womb. Again, man can not
understand that Almighty GOD is
outside of time. He has always been, is
now and will forever be. He is omnipresent.
He is the Great I Am.
I am so humbled that my Christ knew me
before creation began. I am so
thankful that I belong to Him forever.
"Wide is the way to destruction and many
that enter therein, but narrow is the path
and few that enter to Eternal Life." I
praise my GOD that I was led by His
Holy Spirit to forever be with Him
because of what Christ Jesus has
sacrificed for me and all of mankind.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Mind of GOD

"What is man that you are mindful of him..."
Man can not comprehend all that GOD is.
This picture of a place in the universe reminds
me that the vast millions of light years in this pic-
ture could be the electrical firing of the very
"brain" of GOD! But, that would be wrong. GOD is
omnipresent, everywhere at once! Seen and
unseen! The heavens show the handiwork of
our Awesome Creator! Again, who is man that
GOD would be mindful of us? We are His
creation, made in His image. What does it
mean "His Image?" Man has a physical body,
spiritual side, and has a personal disposition and
attitude. Although all of these attributes in man
are housed in one body; it is not so with GOD!
GOD the Father is never changing, the same
yesterday, today, and forever. That is His
personality. GOD became a man
in Christ Jesus. That is His physical side. He
was tempted as man, yet didn't sin. He became
our penalty for sin. The Holy Spirit is the
spiritual side of GOD. Man is created to have
this spiritual side, though many refuse to
communicate or allow GOD to communicate
with them due to their denial.
This is not three separate gods. These are our
Almighty GOD's attributes. Even though man
is fallen because of sin, we also have these
attributes. The difference is we can not
separate ours as can GOD. Our capacity to
understand His intelligence, we will spend
an eternity in heaven learning and still will
have only touched the surface!