Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hodge-Podge Saturday

Goodies from over the years!
The blessings of teaching come
from the appreciation of the
parents and students; not just
from gifts, but even more so the
cards and notes I have gotten
over the years.

The candle holders I bought from
Hallmark. The candles inside
are from the children I have
taught. The birds are gifts I
have received from them too.
The father duck has his "arms"
opened wide for the mother
duck and ducklings around
the pond. It reminds me of
our Heavenly Father's Arms
opened wide for those He
has saved to His Kingdom.

Snow globes have always been
popular. I have several here in
this blog. The carousel of horses
on top and the angel globe above.
Whether objects or beautiful words
written on cards and notes, they
will remain with me forever in
my heart!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Look At My New Hair Cut!

Grace got groomed today. The above
picture shows what she usually looks
like after grooming.
My groomer said she was so joyful
that she kept running circles
around her dining table, ha!
The picture below is her new cut.
Her ears are cut all of the way
down as is her legs. Her tail
is cut shorter rather than her
long flowing tail.
All was done mainly because she
wouldn't stay out of the weeds
in the corner of my yard. She
would come in matted with
all of the seeds from the weeds.
It would take me an hour or more
brushing and combing it out:(

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads!

I want to thank all of you dads
who have been so important
to your children.
Thank you first, for loving our
Thank you for all of the guidance
you have given your children.
Thank you for your love whether
by reward or discipline.
Thank you for loving your children
even though many had to learn
the hard way (through experience
rather than listening to you!)
Most of all, thank you dads for
loving our Heavenly Father
and teaching us to do so as well.
I want to thank my Heavenly
Father for His Agape Love
that goes beyond my understanding.
I can only show my appreciation
by becoming more like Him
each day and sharing His
Agape Love for others too!
I want to especially thank my
dad, Fred; my brother, Jim ; Nellie's
Dad, Arnold; my teacher friend,
Delton; my blogger friends' (Janet,
Bonnie) husbands. You all
will always be your child's
inspiration to love you, their
moms and especially our
Holy Father who instituted
our families.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hodge-Podge Saturday

What wonderful surprises from
children in my class!
One of my little girls wore a
lot of jewelry! She was so
good to not play with it any
time in the day! She wore it
for beauty! What a nice pin
she gave me. It has some
light pink in some of the
stones. I love all of the
new smells the lotions and
soaps have!

What an unusual candle. This is
a hollow candle that has another
candle inside. As the one inside
burns, the top of this one rolls
to the inside as it melts. What
a fragrance it has already!
The bag matches the writing
paper in the first picture.

These candles were given to me
by another student. I especially
love the plaque in the middle.
Believe me, prayer is a part
of many teachers' day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Enjoying My Vacation!

I'm really enjoying my vacation, since
I'm feeling better now!
Just sitting back enjoying the beauty
of God's Creation!

From the smallest of insects to the pair
of cooing doves. They all are so beautiful
to see and listen to early in the morning
or the early evening.

May the LORD's beauty of His creation be
in all that we see. Take time to smell the
roses, observe the bees as they gather
their pollen, and enjoy the raindrops
on your face.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hodge-Podge Saturday

Care for some music? I love Roy
Orbison's unique voice as is
Barry Gibb's! Barry can't
croon as well as Roy, however!
Oh, my dear! What it is to watch
and listen to in surround sound! It's
as good as being at the real thing.
The floor viberates, music comes
from every direction. You feel
like you're standing on stage
right in the middle of them!

I know you already know my favorite
two movies! It's too hard for me to
choose John over the other guys.
I guess this is one advantage of
being single; you can daydream
about your movie stars even though
I am in my ??'s and they are in
their 70's, 80's, or passed on!

Now, what are movies without our
feathered friends? I know my
parrot friend is looking at how
his neighbor made it on site
with the birds! I love stories
of wildlife animals too.
Besides horses, I have bears,
pigs, fish, cats.....the list
could go on.
So, I will just wait until the $6, $8,
or $10 ticket movies are on dvd
and rent (or purchased those I
cherish, ha!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hodge-Podge Saturday

"Calgon, take me away!" It's nothing like
showering in a rain forest! Ha!
This is looking into the bathroom
from the hallway.

My "fierce" hippo takes care of my
counter. "Billy Bass" leads the
birds in a chorus of songs.
It's nothing like having the REAL
parrots (in the other room) add
to it! Sometimes they even come
in for a shower!

There's nothing like monkeying
around on the other end of the counter.

That's not Max in the background (blue &
gold macaw.) I took the "fake" in to visit
Max! He didn't know what to think at
first, then all he wanted to do was
bop the fake on the head, lol!

The shower curtain really sets the scene
for the whole bathroom! The wallpaper of the
different parrots goes all the way around
the top circumference of the bathroom.

Last of all, the "hidden" corner.
The picture on the left is a gift from
one of my teacher assistants I had.
Her husband is an artist. It is
really beautiful. The picture of
the two macaws is from the
poster collection I have. All
of the other collection I use at
school. I took this one for me!