Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like an Eagle, Spread Your Wings and Fly!

I just know they had to have
someone else help with this! I
wonder if it hurts to hold your
hands very long in this manner?
It almost makes me think it
could be gloves.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can you guess what this is?

Can you believe the beauty of this?
I had someone send me this
on my email. I just wonder
how much time it took to
paint their hand?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Am I Cute or What!

"How do you like my shirt?"
Sarah started scratching, so I took her to
the vet. She had no fleas. Tom gave her a
shot to soothe the need to scratch.
A week later she had pulled out a quarter
size spot on her back. It was raw! I
thought it may be mange!!
Upon our return visit, Tom said she had
a "hot spot." He gave her another
shot to relieve the urge to scratch.
He told me to put a shirt on her to
prevent her from being able to lick it.
I went right to the pet store from the vet's.
The first shirt was too small even though
I had cut it in some places. So, I
went back and got her another. She
wasn't too happy with me putting
on the first shirt. I thought for sure
she was going to scratch me,
when I went to put on the 2 nd!
She did good. Her raw spot has
already cleared over and she doesn't
seem to mind the shirt on her now.
Below, Sarah is back to her routine of
looking out the back door.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Was I Thinking :-(

I guess it's not meant to be :-(
So, I'll be turning right on work for
7 more years!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Animal Heaven

We had pets from since I was a baby.
One of our first was Prissy. She was a
blond lab mix. I was about 2 years old.
We also had a Cocker spaniel named
Chi Chi when I was about four. We had
a parakeet named Tweetie. We had a
white part Persian cat named Sylvester.
There was another cat that was red in
color that we named Screwball. We had
a second parakeet that we received from
a neighbor that no longer wanted him that
we also renamed Tweetie. He was blue.
We got another parakeet (white with yellow)
from a friend who raised them that we
named Peaches. Just about 10 years ago
I got two young parakeets for class pets.
I named them Tuki and Tiki. When my
teacher assistant left, I let her have Tuki.
Tiki didn't survive. I didn't have any
pictures of these animals.

That brings us up to date with my pets on
the sidebar!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Doggie Heaven VI & VII

From a puppy to a tired mama!

Even though Ginger only had 4 puppies, they
kept her busy! Below Reggie is the brindle.

At 8 weeks, Reggie's siblings had new homes.
I "potty" trained Reggie by placing him on a
pillow. About every three hours when he began
to wiggle, I took him outside and he took care of his
business! This went on for about 6 weeks and thank
goodness the hours began to stretch out longer. For
the almost 11 years I had him, he never had any
accidents in the house!

Time came when Reggie's ears were to be cropped.
His tail had been done at 4 days old. He had
really good ear strength. He never appeared
to know the difference other than the
cardboard that propped his ears up.

There was a whole lot of rough housing
going on between mom and son! However,
when mom was tired of it she let him know
and he knew "playtime" was over!

As Reggie grew, his personality did to. There
was a picture with Ginger's story that showed her
retrieving the newspaper. Reggie did so too. I
happen to not have a picture of him doing so :-(

Reggie and Ginger loved being outside. Once
Reggie got older, we fenced in our property
(even though we were in the woods.)

Reggie loved to chase the squirrels and birds.
He one time was coming up the back woods
road and had something in his mouth. I wasn't
sure until he came close and saw it to be a
rabbit! I was so upset and yelling at him
while pointing to it, that he hung his head.
Dad took it and buried it back in the woods.
He never did it again.

It was at this time that Ginger had difficulty
from an operation she had had. My vet shared
that Boxers have difficulty sometimes with the
anesthesia due to their noses. She had had some
brain damage from it and didn't know where she was,
and fell several times in the pool and didn't know
how to get out. She began to growl at us as though
she didn't know us. She had no motors skills
to climb up or walk backwards to get out of
a corner. It was with heartache that we had
to have her put to sleep due to the brain damage.
I left to work with my Ginger in confusion and
returned home with the emptiness of her absence.
Reggie was lost and clung onto dad during
the day when I was gone. He then stayed with me
everywhere I went when I got home.
Reggie spent his days outside with dad. Here
they are resting from clearing some of the
property (Reggie is laying in dad's lap.)

Mom was glad Reggie was never one to dig in
her flower beds. Maybe it was because he was
there watching when dad was doing the planting.
He may have and dad might have had something
to do with Reggie learning a lesson in leaving
the flower beds alone! He was a very smart dog
and picked up training very quickly.

Reggie was a big part in my life. He, along with
the guidance canceller's dogs at school were used
to teach the Kindergartners about manners.
(Reggie had been through obedience training.)
We put them in places giving them the stay
and come commands being sure they walked.
They also sat at a table and waited to eat their
treats until we gave them the command.
He went just about everywhere I went in the car.
He sat tall in the seat and looked like a great
protector. One time at home, I was walking
down the driveway when a stranger approached
outside the gate. Reggie ran ahead of me and
stopped in my path. In a body position of leaning
forward, tail up, head down, and hair raised
on his back he stared at the person. As soon as
he heard the calm in my voice when I talked
to the person, he let down his protection
mode and approached them with calmness.

Reggie was there for me his entire 10 1/2
years. He was there when dad passed away from
pancreatic cancer. He was there for dad and
stayed with him wherever he went having a
since of dad's body giving in to the cancer.
I was going with a group from our church to
Israel. I almost didn't go due to Reggie's
health beginning to depreciate. Mom told
me not to worry, he would be fine. I had found
out Reggie had secondary cancer. The vet
was sure the primary was in his prostate.
We had to wait for the test results.
I was enjoying my trip, though Reggie was a
constant thought in my mind. Then mom made
a call to me about 4 days into my 10 day
tour. He was not doing well. Mom had
to leave him at the vet for a day, but
had to pick him up due to his mental
instability not wanting to be there.
My Reggie held out for me to get home.
He was so excited to see me! His legs
wouldn't let him stand on the floor, but
he could on the carpeting. Mom said he
couldn't jump up anymore and she would
lay beside him on the floor with her pillow
and blanket.

At night he would come to my room wanting to get
on my bed, but he couldn't. I tried to lift him, but
he growled at me. He had never done that before.
Finally he got his front legs up and I helped get
his back legs on the bed. He lay as close to me as
he could. It was as if he knew he didn't have much
time left. I had taken Reggie to the vet thinking
I would have to have him put to sleep. Tom said
for me to not make the decision now since I
still had jet lag. The next day, Reggie had isolated
himself from us. Before, he was with me everywhere
I went, even laying on my feet. Now I had to go
looking for him in the house. He had gone to the den
laying in the dark of the room. He could hardly
stand anymore. Tom, my vet and friend, had given
me his home phone number. I called him and said
I felt it was Reggie's "time." Tom met me at the
animal hospital. Reggie mustered all the strength
he had to walk on the "slippery" floor. Walking
in the examining room, Tom's son was there to
help. As Reggie stood on the table, Tom raised
it to eye level. I told my best friend I loved him.
He touched his nose to the tears flowing down
my cheek. At that point, the life went out of his
eyes and he turned his head away from me.
Tom administered the drug and my sweet Reggie
closed his eyes and quietly slid from his
struggle to stand to lay down in eternal rest.
I helped Ginger birth this beautiful puppy into
the world. I help him in his old age to leave
this world. My joy shall be overwhelming to see
them in the World to come! God is so Good all
of the time; All of the time, God is so Good!