Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Month of Patience in Review.

2 Peter 3:9, "The LORD is patient, not wanting any to perish, but all to come to His Salvation."
See the previous months as listed below:
January - Joy
February - Love
March - Peace
April - Hope
May - Faith
June - Self Control
July - Patience
In the month of August, I will be sharing the Fruit of the Spirit - Perseverance.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Patience That Endures Forever

The River of Life that flows from the Throne of Almighty GOD! (Revelation 22:1) This River of Life also waters the Tree of Life that gives off a different fruit each month! (Revelation 22:2) These Trees run along side of the River of Life! (Revelation 22:2)

Romans 2:7, "To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor, and immortality (from Christ Jesus), He will give you Eternal Life!" Be patient with endurance!

Romans 8:25, "When we have hope for what we do not yet have (Eternal Life in Christ), we wait for it patiently!" 

Romans 9:23 shares that GOD in His patience will not bring wrath (eternal damnation) against those He has prepared for, "the riches of His Glory.  (This is)  known to the subjects of His Mercy, whom He prepared (for us) in advance for His glory!" (Ephesians 1:4)

Hebrews 10:36, With patience, "persevere so that when you have done the will of GOD, you will receive what He has promised," Eternal Life with Him!

Hebrews 12:1, "Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us (with patience) run with perseverance the race marked out for us!" Who is this "great cloud of witnesses?" It is the angels and, those in Christ who have gone on before us (the Old Testament saints as well as the New Testament saints), and I think it also includes those now who see our witness to this fact; not just our fellow Christians, but the Lost as well!

Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for our sin. Accept His free gift of Eternal Life so that you will experience Eternal Life with our Almighty Creator GOD along the River of Life forever!

Revelation 22:1, "The angel showed me the River of Life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of GOD and of the Lamb (Jesus.) It flowed down the middle of the great street of the City (The New Jerusalem!)

Let the flow of water in the video below remind you of the joy Almighty GOD has for us (who are called by His Name) flowing from His Throne!

Friday, July 25, 2014

For the Love of Patience.

Holy Spirit, You are so Awesome! Thank You, for being my guide through the journey of this fallen world, past death, and on into Eternity. (Galatians 5:25) 

LORD Jesus, thank You for saving me from a deserving hell into Your Eternal Presence forevermore! (2 Corinthians 5:8)

Father GOD, You are so Almighty, unchanging and Holy from Eternal past, now, and throughout Eternity future! Your angels before You were created to call out, "Holy, Holy, Holy" from Eternity past through Eternity future! (Hebrews 13:8, Revelation 4:8)

"Jesus said, 'Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. I Am in the Father, and the Father is in Me.' " (John 14:9-10) Jesus is GOD in the flesh!

"They rebelled and grieved His (GOD's) Holy Spirit." (Isaiah 63:10) The Holy Spirit is GOD!

What makes Almighty GOD so Awesome is that He chose to create man in His Image. 1. GOD the Father is never changing. He's the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! That is His personality. He created each of us with our own personalities that makes us unique. 2. Jesus is GOD in the flesh. He has created us with bodies that are recognized from others (even identical twins). 3. GOD's Spirit has created man with a spirit (which is spiritually dead since the fall of man in the Garden.) However, our spirit is made to come alive as to Who Jesus Christ is when we accept Him as our LORD and Savior!

The main DIFFERENCE with GOD and His created man is, we can't separate our entities as GOD does His in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Our body apart from our flesh and spirit is dead! Our personality apart from our body and spirit is dead! Our spirit apart from our personality is dead! His Deity is what makes Him our Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior, Holy Father GOD!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Patiently Waiting

Personality plays a big part in how one approaches being patient. As with all behaviors, patience is a learned behavior. It's not something that comes naturally.  Where the difference comes from is if your patience is learned from the Holy Spirit, or you've learned it by poor examples from friends, family, or strangers. I'm so glad Almighty GOD's patience with mankind is nothing like man's patience with others or himself! 

2 Peter 3:9, "The LORD is not slow in keeping His Promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

Praise You, LORD GOD, for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Patience in Tribulation.

You've heard the remark, "It's easier said than done!" Above is mentioned, "Rejoice in hope." When all is going well with our lives, rejoicing comes easily. However, it seems contrary to the human mind of the lost to rejoice when things aren't going so well. 

"Be patient even in tribulation!" The lost ask, "How can people have patience while in the midst of this world's worst tribulations?"

It's no doubt that when the lost are in their trials of life, even unto possible death, prayers are definitely lifted. But, do they KNOW who they are praying to or is it just words in hopes that there is a "god" out there somewhere that will hear?

Those who know Christ Jesus as their Savior have thee hope the world does not have. This is known because we are spiritual alive in Christ! 

John 3:7, "You must be born again." Those who do not know Christ Jesus as their Savior are spiritually dead, lost.

Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and you will become alive in Him and He will hear your every prayer! Then you can say to Him, "Stand by Me," LORD.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Glory of Patience.

Romans 2:7, " those who by patience in doing good (they) seek  glory, honor and immortality (in Jesus Christ); He (Jesus Christ) will give everlasting life." 

The Glory of patience is everlasting life with our Almighty Creator GOD! "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it even entered the heart of man, what GOD has planned for those who love Him (and His salvation for us!)" (1 Corinthians 2:9.)

I find myself needing to have patience in waiting upon the LORD for the promise of His Rapture of the Church!  (I Corinthians 15:51)

Psalm 19:1, "The heavens (this universe) declare the Glory of GOD!" Can you imagine Heaven?!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Be Patient Not Prideful.

Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall."

Proverbs 18:12, "Before destruction the heart of  a man is full of pride, but before honor goes a gentle spirit."

Romans 14:23, "Anything not based on trust (in Jesus Christ) is sin."

Patience is definitely a virtue from the LORD. For, only by the Holy Spirit can one trust Him to assist us with patience in a fallen world of sin. We must obey Him to receive His blessings.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

You Talk About Patience!

2 Peter 3:8, "With GOD, a day is as a thousand years; and a thousand years is as a day." Just think, every hour in the day would be 41 years - your lifespan from birth to death would be 2 hours! For man in a fallen universe, where would patience play apart in this time/space continuum? This is where the "blink of an eye" is used for man's lifespan verses Eternity! However, look at it from GOD's side. It's only been two days since the LORD ascended, though it's been two thousand years for us!

In Heaven, the joy for GOD's Elect (those who have accepted Jesus as their LORD and Savior GOD) will have passed a thousand years though it feels only as a day!

This won't be the same for those who have been cast into the Eternal Lake of Fire by Almighty GOD after the Great White Throne Judgment. (Revelation 20:11) They will feel as though they have been there a thousand years in agony, but it will only have been a day! This could have been avoided if they had truly accepted the LORD's free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.

John 14:16, "Jesus said, 'I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father accept through Me.' " Don't allow the "negative" side of patience keep you from an Eternity with our Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior, Holy Father GOD by delaying your decision for Christ, NOW! We aren't guaranteed our next breath of life!  

2 Peter 3:9, "GOD is patient, not wanting any to die (pass into His Judgment to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.) Where the worm doesn't die and the fire isn't quenched (Mark 9:44, 46, 48) The Law of Thermodynamics does not apply in the fire, flames, and darkness of hell. (Luke 16:23) 

There will be a new Thermodynamics that "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered the mind of man what GOD has planned for those who love Him." ( 1 Corinthians 2:9) There will be no lack of patience! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Patience in Abundance!

Patience comes in abundance when you don't let your emotions be in control!

When you get behind a slowpoke and you're creeping along in traffic, take it as a trial from the LORD to strengthen your patience! (It's not His fault you left late from home!) Don't allow Satan to take this opportunity to use the situation to control your impatience! I have found myself purposefully putting myself behind a "snail" driver to show the LORD I do have patience! However, it's not during a time I need to get somewhere quickly, ha! Then in concentrating on my patience, I miss my turn, lol! Is this the LORD's way of telling me He's in control? Laughing with the LORD is a great emotion to have!

Another patience lesson: It never fails when I'm sitting with my lap full of my books with my computer amid it all, studying, the phone rings (and I forgot to bring the portable phone to where I am sitting) or worse, my dogs go crazy barking at someone at the front door! By the time I unload everything, the phone stops ringing, or the person at the front door was only a delivery left at the door! Having patience when you're interrupted is another lesson! It's funny that my dogs can sense my emotions! When something happens and I respond not too happily with, "Well, my dear!" or "Dad gum it!" If they are laying around my feet, they quietly get up and move to another area of the room! The negative vibes from my impatience is felt by them!

Patience in everything has brought me to think about why these things have happened. I have had the experience of being made to wait in traffic; it brought my safety! If I had been down the road sooner, I would have been in the auto accident that occurred ahead of me! GOD has His timing for you to be where you are, when you are, and why you are there! We may never know why (in this life) the LORD has had us to wait!

Patience in answers to our prayers needs to be given over to our Almighty GOD. There have been testimonies by family members that their loved one's prayer they have prayed for many years was not answered until after their death! Never stop praying.  You will see your prayers answered on this side of Heaven or on the other side!

John 14:14, "Whatsoever you ask in My Name, believing, that I will do." Jesus told us He will answer our prayer, He didn't say when He would answer it.

When your patience is tested, recognize it as a test, then through prayer respond to it in the strength of the LORD not your own!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Patience In Waiting For Answers to Prayers.

I remember being told that the LORD answers prayers you ask of Him in three ways: yes, no, and wait. We can accept the "yes" and "no," but there is just something about the "wait" that brings in the "patience" factor.

Isaiah 40:31, "They that wait upon the LORD, shall renew their strength." This sounds great for those of us who have had our prayer answered right away. But, it definitely brings in the "patience" factor when our prayer has reached into months, years, and even a lifetime!

Charles Stanley, 7/07/2014 shares, "We have the strength (patience) to persevere because of the indwelling Holy Spirit."

Acts 1:8, "GOD releases His Supernatural power into our life so we might endure." Our prayer may become one of endurance.

Romans 8:28, "GOD will bring good from our troubles (and trials.)" In GOD's timing, our prayer will receive good that outweighs the bad. 

I Corinthians 10:13, "GOD has promised to limit our trials to what we can bear." Each person has their own level of tolerance (patience). Thank the LORD, He knows our limitations!

Psalm 37:9, "...those who wait upon the LORD shall inherit the earth."  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Patience in the Blink of an Eye.

This life is but the blink of an eye, a puff of smoke;  man's fleeting years are gone before he knows it! Only when looking back can one realize this.

Psalm 73:19, "In the blink of an eye, disaster!"

Proverbs 23:5, "Riches disappear in the blink of an eye..."

Jeremiah 4:20, "Disaster hard on the heels of disaster, the whole country in ruins! In one stroke my home is destroyed, the walls flattened in the blink of an eye!"

Have patience! Because there is another "blink of an eye" which will make the worst of this life, seem petty in the trials of a fallen world:

1 Corinthians 15:52, "In an instant, in the blink of an eye, at the final trumpet. The trumpet will blast, and the dead will be raised with bodies that won't decay, and we will be changed!" What trials and suffering in this life may be, it is nothing compared to the Glory of GOD's blessings on us in Eternity!

James 4:14, "Your life is like a puff of smoke which appears for a moment and then disappears." But, remember Eternity is forever. Where will you spend it? Christ said, "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but through Me." (John 14:6)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Patience During the Trials of Life.

Patience in Trials
Serious trials in life come to everyone. It may be the lost of a friend or family member, a wreck, loss of your job. Some people have even asked the question, "Why does bad things happen to good people?" The book of Job shares about this question in great detail. He lost everything, had disease brought upon him. Anything Satan could think of to get Job to curse GOD, but Job didn't and in return GOD blessed Job with more than he had! Therefore the saying came, "Having the patience of Job!"

Patience in waiting upon the LORD
Charles Stanley's In Touch magazine (July 1, 2014) "the LORD creates 'gaps' in our life. Such waiting periods are designed for His specific purposes. Sometimes they are meant to prepare us for His preordained answer or waiting to fulfill His plan because there is something He needs to have happen first. He may be testing our faith or it may be a time of our correction. It is imperative that we pray and trust GOD during these times." It is in the waiting that mankind needs to find strength in waiting upon the LORD.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blogger Tag!

Much to my surprise I was tagged
 this evening by sister-in-law, Nellie over at
 "Nellie's Cozy Place."
Thanks for thinking of me Nellie....
These things are fun,
and truly are a way to get to know
 others a little bit better!

and these are the questions.....

1.  Are you named after someone?? 
I am not named after anyone, but I was going to be named Beverly, but dad wanted a little Susie. So I was named Susan!
2.  When was the last time you 
Just today while watching the movie "Because of Winn-Dixie" (a dog in the story!)
3.  Do you have Kiddos??
I have no children, but my kiddos consist of 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 3 birds!

4. If you were another person,
  would you be a friend of yourself??
I'm sure I would, for you have to be friends with yourself before you can be friends to others!
5.  Do you have a guilty pleasure??
Anything that is sweet, however I like pie better than cake.
6.  Do you like handwriting?
Not cursive, I have printed for so many years (being a kindergarten teacher for 28 years), but now we can choose the computer's handwriting, ha!
7.  What is your favorite cereal??
I just love the mini shredded wheat with the strawberry inside.
8.   What is the first thing you notice 
about people?
I notice their height! I am tall and it's nice to see people taller than myself.
9.  What is the color of your eyes?
My eyes are a blue/green. When I wear blue, they look blue. When I wear green, they look green!
10.  Scary movie or Happy Ending?
Definitely Happy Ending. There's enough scary and sadness in the world.
11.  Favorite TV Shows??
I like to watch the old westerns from the 1950/60's. Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Rawhide (Clint Eastwood), Bonanza... 
12.  Do you like Winter or Summer??
I like summer because the days are longer!
13. Hugs or kisses?
I'm a hugger! My dogs love it, but my cats don't so much. My African Gray bird will let me hug him occasionally.
14.  Do you have a special talent??
 (A long time ago) I use to play the piano, guitar.
15.  Where were you born?
As was Nellie, I was born in the Florida panhandle. I think we were born at the same Military hospital a month apart!
16.  what are your hobbies??
My pets, blogging, my truck, and TV (see #11.)
17. Do you have any pets?
See #3's pictures above.
18.  Favorite movie?
Space Cowboys
19.  What color is your car??

The color is called Aqua blue, but it looks green. It has green, tan, and purple sparkles in the paint!
It's been in 4 cars shows and I have won 4 trophies. Above are three of the four!

20.  What do you want to be
 when you grow up?
 RETIRED! After 34 years in education, I have made it there!
I'll tag:
Bonnie over @ One Designing Woman
I'll double tag:
Janet over @ Janet and Marvin's Life

My Patience!

Patience is the attribute I have to work on the most! The LORD surely knows it, for He has me working on it all the time with everything I do.

1. It never fails that I get into the slowest lane when driving. It doesn't take long when I start to say, "What is taking these people so long!" 2. It happens again when I get into the grocery line! And assuredly as I change lines in anticipation of a quicker line, I should have stayed where I was! Ha! 
3. Eating out, it never fails that a family with loud, rambunctious, and disobedient children are seated next to us. Know what I mean?

Philippians 4:6 "Pray about everything."  Now when these above mentioned things occur, I realize it is the Holy Spirit's urging me to pray for these people I don't know. It's amazing the things I pray for that are brought to thought. It can only be the Holy Spirit's leading me in prayer. I then realize the reason for my delay or my inconvenience.

Galatians 15:18, "the Holy Spirit brings a harvest of love, joy, peace, and patience toward others." 

I am so humbled with GOD's patience for me. He knows what is best for me as well as for you! If you do not know the LORD, find His truth and salvation in reading the Book of John in the Bible.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GOD's Patience!

This month in July, I'm going to share  the Fruit of the Spirit, Patience! What an Awesome GOD we have, Whose Loving Patience goes far beyond our  own! If it were not for the Patience of the Holy Spirit's restraining the evilness and wickedness of this world, mankind would have already destroyed himself. (II Thessalonians 2:7)

II Peter 3:9, "The LORD is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." However, GOD's WORD says He will not always strive with (unsaved) man. (Psalm 103:9) Those who continue to harden their hearts and refuse His offer of saving grace (by His sacrifice on the cross for their sins) will be given over to Evil. "Since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of GOD, He gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done." (Romans 1:28)

Praise GOD, the Love of His patience for us will carry His Elect into eternity with Him Forever! His patience is waiting for you if you don't know His salvation. "Believe in the LORD Jesus Christ that He died for your sins and you will be saved." (Mark 16:16) Learn about the patience of Almighty GOD!