Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pets from Key West

Iggy the Iguana

We only had Iggy for a couple of days. We found
him in our yard dehydrated.
After putting some water on him
He was very calm and allowed me to
hold him.

Dad welded a cage for him and placed inside a
piece of driftwood we had found on a
previous beach combing outing. We were

told that they like to eat the red double hybiscus

flowers, which we had quite a few. He did well

for the few days we had him, but one morning

when we went to check his cage we found he had

escaped during the night, not to be seen again.

Ralphie Raccoon didn't belong to us,

but to one of mom and dad's best friends. I

was visiting every chance I got. He really

did bond with me and we had a great

time of playing!

I'll never forget when I would come in the yard

and he would see me. He would come running

at full speed. His fur would roll like that of a bear

as he galloped across the yard toward me. If he didn't

jump-spring into my lap, he would stop and

step up to reach with his nose to greet me.

After rumble, tumble playing in the picture

below, Ralph would let you hold and hug all

over him. He really did love the attention.

Our friends found Ralph and his sister where

they had fallen out of their palm tree nest. His

sister didn't survive the fall. His eyes were

still closed. His mother had gotten killed

on the highway, so our friends raised him

from before his eyes opened. I guess our

human love implanted on him and he

didn't know he was a raccoon!

When Ralph was two, he had a "birthday" party.

He loved playing in his tub of water and the hose!

We also had fish. One special pet was a French

Angel fish dad had caught when it was very

small. He found it under a bridge piling

in a couple of feet of water. She was about

an inch wide. We named her "Frenchy."

In this picture, she had grown to about

four inches. It is amazing how smart fish

can be. She would play hide and seek with

us when we came in the room. She would

go behind the coral rock and roll her big

eyes up at us and when we made our lips

do a kiss motion, she would come out

and swiftly swim up and down the tank.

Frenchy would eat from our fingers and would

let us rub her side and fins with our fingers.

She knew us from strangers. When "strangers"

would come in, she would hide and not come out.

Once she got larger, she would go behind the

coral rock and lay low to the tank bottom.

Our hearts were broken when we lost her to

death some years later.

These are my fish after we moved from

Key West. This is a fresh water tank

whereas the other was a salt water tank

we had in ther keys. Goldy belonged to

a friend of mine who didn't want her

anymore. She had had Goldy for five years.

I took her and placed her in a big tank

with 2 new friends, Amber and Oranche.

I had them for five years which made

Goldy 10 years old!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Let the Dogs In?

This is a common place during the day.
Unexciting, blase, waiting for something to
happen outside.

You can tell where Gracie (small dog in the
forefront) usually sits; the table with the
scratches. Dolly (brown) is the only one
who stays off of things. If anything happens
around the culdesac, Grace will be the 1st
to let you know. I know if someone comes
in the gate, for Sam (black) will then bark.
Good watch dogs! Max (my blue/gold
macaw) is a good watch "bird!" He will
start making a lot of noise if he sees anyone
along the back road to my property!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What'd ya want?

Three times is suppose to be the charm!

However, Max was still being obstinate!

I think I may have to entice him with his

favorite treat, peanuts in the hull. Of course

he will make the bird room look like one

of the famous steak houses, if you know

what I mean!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tia Visits

My neighbor friend and her husband were going
to be gone a couple of days, so Miss Tia
made herself quite at home in my house
with my family of pets. She already
knew Sarah from days past when
Sarah was outside and would
visit at Tia's house.

All got along well even though they bark at
each other when they are in their own yards, ha!
Tia is about the age of 10. What a sweet dog.
I have a pretty good pack!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What a fish tale!

The summer of 1962! Dad didn't fool
around with pole fishing, he just went
skin diving and got his fish with one
"catch!" We kids like to play cowboy
and Indians. Dad caught me with
my cap gun six shooters and had
me pose.
"Who wears short, shorts; mom wears
short, shorts!" Mom and dad's friend
was into photography and took this
picture from another "big catch."
You can see the fish have their own
distinctive markings. These two fish
were small in comparison to some others
dad got. He fashioned a power head that
used 45 bullets. It would take the fish
down immediately and could be hauled
into the boat quickly. Before, he would have
to tie off his spear to the boat while the
fish would pull the boat up and down
the channel until it gave out; which could
be hours.

In this case, the big one didn't get away!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pet #7

Dolly was 6 weeks old when I visited to see her.
Her mom is white pitbull mix and her father
is shepherd/chow mix.

Happy "mom" getting her new puppy at 8
weeks old. I named her Dolly. I call her "Dolly
Doodle all my Day!" What a loving pup!

I didn't think her growth would ever catch up
with the size of her feet. I have never had a
dog with such big feet! If you notice, she has
this little grin that shows her bottom gum!
This has become a trait that belongs only
to her! When she gets really happy
(like when I first come home)
she grins up a storm with a wiggle
that ripples from head to tail!

Grace did well with "mothering" Dolly, but Dolly
could get quite rambunctious to which Gracie
would quickly put her in her place.

Dolly continued to grow into those big feet.
I kept thinking, "You can stop growing
anytime now!" lol! (Notice her little

I believe Dolly has now reached her full size.
(70 pounds, and quite tall; taller than Sam!)
She has a beautiful nature and loves to be wherever
I am. She gets along well with all her pet family,
even though Sarah does occassionally entice
Dolly to chase her up her cat tower.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

There is Sunshine in my soul today

Wow! Thank you so much, Nellie! I am so
encouraged by you and your blog!
For my readers, you may read Nellie's blog at:

And Last but Surely Not Least
My #12 choice
Susan of Sister Susie
Susan is my sweet sister-in-law,
and has been following my blog
and leaving comments for quite
sometime now.
She just recently started her own
blog, but she has sort of been blogging
on my blog thru her comments via
email to me. She always loves doing
the Thankful Thursday Post. She
sees what I am Thankful for then it
prompts her Thankfulness and then she
blogs about it. She has been such an
encouragement to me, and is so enjoying
herself with all this I wanted to give
her a "Sunshine Award" as well.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pet #6

It is going on 6 years since I got Max. I went to a
bird auction with the intent of getting a Blue and Gold
Macaw! All of the cages had pairs in them. As I
walked around the large enclosure of hundreds
of birds, I came upon this large cage where
"Max" was. On the cage, 2 was scratched out and
1 written on the cage. I immediately said, "Hello,"
to which he flew across the large enclosure
and landed right in front of me saying, "Hello!"
I knew he was for me!
I stood in front of the cage, blocking the scratched
out number. As the auction came around closer,
you could hear the auctioneer saying, "Come on people,
these birds are worth more than $500.00!" With 2
birds to a cage, the final price of $1,000.00 would be
charged for both birds inside. Soon the auction came
to Max's cage. The bidding started. It went from $200 to
$500. I offered $600. The bid went to $700. I offered
$800. At that price, no one else put in another bid.
At that point he said, "$800.00 going once, twice,
sold for $800.00!" Immediately the price was
called out for $1600.00 to which I immediately
pointed out there was only one bird! As soon as it
was verified, there was a big moan in the crowd,
for many had come to get one bird to which there
were only a few, Max being one. Since "Sold" had
been proclaimed, I had my Macaw! What a
steal when these birds go for $3-$5,000!

He was placed in my carrier and I took him
immediately to my vet and had him checked
over. He was a great bird. He didn't even
scream, squawk, or holler! The vet was
so amazed. He says many of these birds
are so loud, it hurts your ears. Max allowed
himself to be wrapped within the towels
and just blinked as he was held on his back
for his check-up. He must have been
to vets from very young. He is the "shy"
macaw in my previous blog video. I'm
going to keep trying to get him to talk on
camera. He has quite the vocabulary. I
didn't think when I was standing by his
cage at the auction, that he may have a
vocabulary that would be unacceptable!!!
Praise God, He had Max for me and there
was no bad language! Be looking for Max's
future video!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look Who's Talking

Of course you can't get them to

participate when you want them

to! Max and Jerry refused to say

a word. Max even acted as if I

were not there, ha! At least my

little Cuddle Bird showed he was

not afraid of my camera!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Longing for Spring

These were some of my prettiest
flowers from years past. A close
friend at church gave me a
clipping off of her bush.
I had planned on putting
a video of Cuddles talking
up a storm, but I couldn't
get it to play. It would load,
but when I went to play it
the screen would go black.
I may try to get it to load
direct rather than from
my computer file.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pet #5

What a ball of fluff!
Gracie joined our family just after
Cuddles did. She was a bundle of
energy! Sam was 2 and she kept
him busy!

I was always wondering what those
"innocent" eyes were looking to do

Sorry for the white spot. I didn't have
any of her puppy pictures on digital.
So, I had to photograph the pictures.

A time of rest for Sam. This time she
was letting him go without biting
at his heels, lol!

Gracie's first grooming! Wow, what a
difference! I have to have her groomed
every 5-6 weeks due to how fast her
coat grows. It mats when it is the
least bit long unless you continually
keep her brushed several times a

Gracie is going on 10 years old now.
Don't let this "lazy, tired" look fool
you. She still runs like the wind,
barks up a storm, and is the
sunshine in my life. Another
blessing the LORD gives
through his animals.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


What a day for spaghetti sauce!
I consider my sauce like a "stew."
Just about everything is put in except
the "kitchen sink!" The ingredients are:
2 pkg. of lean hamburger (browned)
1/4 cup virgin olive oil
1 large can diced tomatoes
1 12 oz. can tomato sauce
1 jar Prego sauce
1 jar of mushrooms
1 jar of olives
3/4 large purple onion (chopped)
2 red bell peppers (chopped)
2 small zucchini (chopped)
To taste add:
garlic powder
salt & pepper
sugar (for acidity)
The Prego sauce has the other spices.
Let her cook on medium for 1 hour
and on low for 2 hours.
Guess what I'll be eating on for the next week!
God is so Good! I just wonder what that
Heavenly manna is going to taste like!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Titans by the Tons

What a bunch of trucks at this Titan Meet!
I didn't have all of the extras on mine then
as I do now.
Many of the trucks had some modifications
that I hadn't seen before. It was really neat!

As you can see below, there were many
people who came to the meet! If I hadn't
known better, I would have thought I was
at a Nissan car sales lot! This was only
1/3 of the trucks that came!

The meet was about three hours long
and then we went on a parade through
the town!

These two trucks remind me of the
O.K. Corral. White and black,
Good verses bad!

I had a lot of fun! There were other
ladies there with their Titans too!
But, it was a long drive there and back.
So, that was my one and only time
I participated.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pet #4

Cuddles joined the family in 2000.
He will soon be 10 years old!
I was at school with the children
on the playground when one of the
children screamed about a bird
on her shoulder. When I looked,
I saw this small cockatiel! He
came to me immediately when
I extended my hand to him. We
went inside and I placed him in
a paper bag. Thank goodness
it was at the end of the day. On
my way home I stopped by the
vet's office and my vet looked
him over really good. Cuddles
was so young, his feet were still
transparent. The vet said he was
about 3 months old. When I took
him home, mom fell in love with
him and he became her bird!
Every day she had him out and
he would walk around her neck
and chest rubbing against her
skin. He would let mom rub
all over his neck and under his
wings. He was a true lubby dubby!
He talks up a storm too! I no
sooner uncover him in the morning
and he starts whistling and saying,
"Good Morning, Cuddles is a pretty bird!
Where's Cuddles? Peek-a-boo!"
When he's ready to go to roost,
you will hear him saying, "Cuddles
wanna go nite nite!" He is a rare
color with not much gray, but a whole
lot of white and yellow. He has always
been a "runt" in size but very big
in heart. I assume he must have been
in an outside aviary. That year
hurricane Floyd had come close to
our coast and we missed a day of
school due to the wind. His outside
cage must have been knocked over
allowing him to escape. I watched
the papers and notices at the vet's
office, but no one ever had a
"lost bird" advertized, so he became
a beloved part of our family. He and
his parrot friends can really make the
noise some days, but it's a happy noise!
You can tell they enjoy the pampering
and spoiling I give to them! God is so
amazing with the beautiful creations
He has made. I believe in my heart He
has each one planned for the right
home and human companion. They
each have their own song they sing to
Him as do we to the Glory of our God!

Monday, January 11, 2010

3rd Auto show

The third annual auto show only had 34
entries. We had no official judge this year
due to him already being booked for
another show. So, many cars that came in
the past, did not show up this year. The
choosing of the best car was done by
popular vote. A crippled man's 1954
yellow painted Chevy with a corroded
chrome hood ornament, painted over
bumpers, and torn up interior was given
first place. Least to say, this was the last
auto show done at this location. I had
planned on adding the "V Chip" to my
engine to enhance the performance from
315 horsepower to 490 horsepower
and torque. I'm glad now I didn't.
If I ever decide to enter any more
auto shows, I'll have it added then.
When my neighbors ride with me, Boddy
always laughs followed by a reply, "Susie,
heads turn when this truck goes by!" I
laugh and reply, "Oh, yeah? I never look to
see!" It makes me wonder the mode of
travel we will have when in Heaven. There
are streets there, Streets of Gold! There is
mention of white horses. Christ is mentioned
of returning with His Saints on White Horses!
Now we know animals are in Heaven; now
we see they can fly (with no mention of wings!)
Remember seeing Sea World's
advertisement of the killer whales flying up
the side of buildings and over the bridges
instead of in the water? Maybe there will be no
limitations or boundaries in Heaven for the
travel of animals and people. The New Jerusalem
is 1500 miles by 1500 miles by 1500 miles! It
is about the width of the U.S. and length of
the U.S. and Canada, but it's the height that is
astounding! The Space shuttle is only about
200 miles high. You have to go up another 1300 miles
to get to the height of the New Jerusalem! And, it
sits upon the Newly Created Earth! How
much bigger it must be than our present
earth! Travel will definitely not be as it is
now, and our attention will no longer be
on the things of this now known world!
Enjoy the blessings of this earth that the
Lord has given us. Eternity's Blessings
will not be of this world and I can hardly
wait to see what's in store!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pet #3

Sarah is the same age as Sam (pet #2.)
I only had Sam a couple of months
when I discovered Sarah in the back
garage. She had gotten in during
the day when the door had been left open.
She made herself right at home.
I took her to the vet and he could
approximate her age due to the
teeth that had not come in as yet.
She was just about the age Sam was!
She didn't like to be inside much and
acted claustrophobic when she was.
It took some years before she became
comfortable being inside, but not at night!
My dear, what yowling went on when I
tried to get her to stay in, even when it was
cold. I generally made a bed of towels
in a box in the garage for her to come
and go as she wanted. She was about
five when she chose to stay inside
permanently! One afternoon I had
not seen her for sometime. It got to
be about 8:00 and I was getting worried.
One more time I opened the door
and she darted in before I could even
call her! She was looking all around the
room as though something was after
her. It wouldn't be until the next day
that my neighbor said he had seen a
fox in the area. Now Sarah was one
cat who loved to go at the "speed of light"
right straight up to the top of the oak
trees in my front yard. Once to the top,
she would stand on a limb swishing her
tail back and forth just daring anything
to follow her! Have no fear, she had no
problem shimmying back down when she
was good and ready. Something tells me
that's where she must have spent most
of her day when a fox had been sighted
in the area. From that point on she would
not go outside. So, I made her inside
life one of comfort. She had a cat tower
that even the dogs envied. She had her
on self-cleaning litter pan as well as
a fresh water dish that circulated the
liquid through a filter and out into a soft
swirling collection pool. She has now
been inside going on 7 years. The
dogs don't bother her. When they come
near her, she starts a low growl while
swishing her tail as if with a warning,
"You're in my space!" It's funny to
watch them veer off the other direction
while looking out the corner of their
eyes as if they were saying, "I really wasn't going
that way anyhow." She also likes to tease them.
She will be sitting under the table and
decide to take a running streak to her cat tower
right past where they are lying down.
Of course they can't resist the challenge;
but by the time they get up, she's already
raced to the top. All the scratching noise,
just leaves them there barking at her
while she looks down from the living
room ceiling swishing her tail in success!
It's amazing how animals that in the
wild would be enemies, but are right at
home when they have human
companions. What it must have been
like in the Garden of Eden before
man decided to take matters into
his own hands. It makes me so sorrowful
for my sin as well, that the beautiful
animal kingdom had to suffer because
man decided to be "like God knowing
good from evil." Now the beautiful
animals in the wild kill one another
for food to survive. Thousands of
animals are put down daily due to
the cruelty of man. Let us all remember
to spay and neuter our animals and most
of all try to get our animals from a
shelter to prevent their death before
they have ever had a chance at life.
One day the creatures God has created
will Praise their Creator in the presence
of the Wedding feast of the Bride and Groom.
(Romans 8:21-22)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Second Auto show

My second entry was exciting! The first
had 92 autos of which my Titan took
4th out of the top 10. This second entry
had 132 autos of which my Titan took
three trophies: Best Paint, In the top
20, and Best Stock! The extras I had
done was to add crome reams
around the fog lamps, crome reams
on the tail lights and brake light,
crome tailgate lock/handle cover,
crome bug shield on the hood above
the grill, white lettering on the
windshield saying,
"Titan Down Your Hatches,"
and a tropical ocean scene on the
back window. Under the hood,
I had planned on adding a custom
manifold cover along with some
crome caps for the oil and other
fluid areas, but didn't have the time to find
where to have it done or get the parts.
I guess that will have to be for the next entry!
Is this considered vanity?! I guess not
if it is used to witness and testify for Christ.
Christian music was being played by a
live band from our church members as
well as members of EE sharing the message
of salvation with those in attendance.
I have been blessed with what the LORD
has allowed me to own. One day the
things of this world will pass away, but
the works we have done will be rewarded
with more than the best this world
could ever offer. "Eye has not seen, nor
ear heard, nor has it entered the heart
of man what God has planned for
those who belong to Him."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pet #2

Sammy is next in line to my oldest.
He is going on 12 years old.
I got him from the local Humane
Society when he was 8 weeks old.
He and his siblings were in a
play room and up for adoption.
He is lab/springer spaniel mix.
I was surprised how easily he was
to house train. He slept on a pillow
next to me on my bed. As soon as I
felt him begin to move about, I'd take him
outside to do his thing and he would
sleep for the rest of the night.
At 10 weeks I took him to begin his
obedience training. He did very well
and still today follows the commands
he learned. In his senior years he
for most part sleeps behind the couch
against the wall. He likes to tunnel to the end
yet has to back up to get out.
All I have to do, to get his attention
is sneak something out to the den to eat.
He has a nose on him (which I guess he
gets from the springer spaniel) and before
I know it, he's standing by looking for handouts!
He's not one to want much petting, but I
do sometimes catch him in a bear hug to which his
strength still allows him to wiggle out of.
When thinking of the beautiful animals God created
for us, I'm sure they are important to Him also.
I always claim Romans 8:21-22 which tells
of God's whole creation being delivered,
"...Because the creature itself shall also be delivered
from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the Children of God."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Titan

Titan Down Your Hatches

One of my hobbies is my truck.
I have always been a "tomboy"
when it comes to cars/trucks!
When I was a kid, I didn't play much with dolls,
but I liked anything with four wheels!
I think I was 28 the last time I put
a model car together. It was a 1958
Chevelet. Slick flowing roof with a long backend reaching toward the 6 tail lights! Black with red interior! I put
it together from the engine block to the last touch of chrome
on the side panel. I think I still have it up in my collectables!
I don't have a car, but I do have a Nissan Titan!
Above is a picture of it and the first auto
show I entered. It came 4th in the top 10
I have added many custom and stock proponents since
this entry. This entry just had FloMasters from the
engine block through the mufflers and out the chrome tail pipes, sport grills on front, and a K&N air intake
manifold added to the engine. What a roar when you
step on the gas. I don't know what's louder; the K&N or the FloMasters! Future entrys would have more additions
I'll share later (as well as trophies!)

Lock down you latches
And Titan down your hatches;
This Nissan's stormin' through!