Saturday, February 27, 2010

For the Love of God: Part 5

Upon graduating from college,
the church I had attended throughout my
college years was now my employer. My first
year of teaching was one of the first grade
classes in their Day School. Two of my
college friends also taught along with me.
One was a second grade teacher, while the
other taught music class. It was an enjoyable
year, but I began to long for home. So, at the
year's end, I resigned to return to my home
town and family.

It was so good to return to my home church
and family. A lady who had taught me piano
when I was 10 years old was in charge of
the hiring of teachers in the County where
I lived. I was very fortunate upon turning
my resume in to her and in the fall, I started
my second year of teaching, first in the public
system. The LORD is so good. He had guided
my every step. For the next 6 years I would
teach at the same school from Kindergarten
to 2/3 graders. The school I was in was a
new concept school in that it was the first
completely open classroom in a large pod.
Kindergarten was the only self contained.
Each pod was an enormous building with
4 classrooms in the corners. I taught 2/3rd
graders math/science. During this time I
was able to get my Master's Degree by
attending on Saturdays. So for a year, I spent
my Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. One
course would be completed after attending
four Saturdays. Then the new course would
begin for the next four Saturdays. At the
end of 10 months, plus writing a practicum,
I was given my Master's of Science Degree
in Administration and Supervision. It was
at this time that I bought my own trailer
and began to live the life of a bachelorette.
After 6 years another change was coming
down the road. One that would bring
joy and sorrow.
More to come...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For the Love of God: Part 4

For two years I worked after school from
5-9:00 pm Monday through Friday, also
on Saturday 5-9:00 pm and Sunday after
church from 1-5:00 pm.

Upon graduation from high school, I
started working full time at the same
store I had worked for the past 2 years.
It was at this time the pastor of my
church had encouraged my parents to
talk to me about going to college. Of
course they had no money to contribute
due to the low income of our family. It
was at this point we found out through
him about a Baptist college that had
financial assistance for those who could
not afford on their own to pay. I had
always wanted to be a teacher and now
the LORD had opened a door for me
to accomplish that goal. The LORD
definitely had His guiding hand in the
leading of many to assist me in getting
my education to be a teacher. Low interest
loans, National Defense Grants, and
occasional money from my church; as
well as getting on the student work/study
program allowed me the finances to get
my education. So, if I wasn't in class, I was
working in the college library processing
books. Four and a half years later I graduated,
receiving the Award for the "Most Outstanding
Graduating Senior in the Field of Education."
Thus began my life in teaching for the
next 33 years to the present day.
More to come...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

For the Love of God: Part 3

Growing up in an area that had a small
population, most of the kids I went to
Elementary School with, I went to Jr.
and Sr. High School with also. The
sad thing is there was only 1 other
student that went to my church, and
it just so happened that he and I
didn't have much to do with one
another. It was at this time the LORD
moved in my life to share my salvation
of knowing Him and accepting His
Free Gift of Salvation. Soon
afterward I was Baptised into the
Family of God. Another forever lasting
change came into my life. I felt like a
new person. A joy I couldn't explain
had filled my life and I was telling
everyone I came into contact with about
this Joy of Knowing my Creator!

I had friends I hadn't seen in a while coming
up to me saying I had changed and they
seemed to be confused as to what that
change was. I would tell them it was
because I had become a Christian and
the LORD had saved me from my sin.
It would be at this point that they
would look at me as if I were crazy
and would not listen when I tried to
explain what "that change" in my
life was. I didn't know what I was
coming up against in the next few
years. Girls I had run around with
all of my life were now in a mocking
way calling me, "Rev. Susie." As I
look back on it, it is a shame they
wouldn't listen to the message I
shared with them. I felt the LORD
leading me away from them. I
had planted "the seed" and could
only pray the LORD would one day
lead them to Him. In my 11th
grade year, I started working at a
"10 cent" store in order to get a
car. My "friends" and I saw little of
one another in the next two years
as the LORD led me into another
direction. Some of my previous friends
were gone a year or so to which I found
out later, they had gotten pregnant. The
LORD began to lead me into a direction
of teaching. I had always played school
with the other children in the neighborhood
when I was in elementary school and I was
always the teacher. Now in my church which,
had a about 110 people, I was teaching four,
4-5 year olds about Jesus during the
evening services. I guess it was like baby
sitting, but I had them "in school."
Even though I was among Christian family
I had become a loner with no one else
my age in such a small church. The Lord was
shaping my life that would take me down
a path that I have no regrets when looking
back upon it. His Hand was directing
my every step.
More to come...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

For the Love of God: Part 2

"From the foundation of the world, He knew me!"
I have been trying to find where this scripture is.
The closest I have come is Eph. 1:4. It still is not
the quote. I though I had written it down, but I
don't know where I put it!
I am always humbled when I am reminded of
this verse. The awesomeness of God is beyond
my comprehension in that He knows the end
from the beginning! He is outside of the time
continuum we are on. Before He ever created
Adam and Eve, He already knew the last person
that will ever be created! His heart must be
broken to know the multitude that will reject
His Gift of Salvation! All the more it humbles
me to wonder why I am so privileged to be one
to have accepted His Gift of Love.

When I asked the LORD to forgive my sin, I was
in third grade. It was in the middle of the night.
I woke up from my sleep and quietly got out
of my bed. I had a very high bed. My dad had
built it upon a platform that housed four
large drawers underneath. We lived in a small
trailer at the time and we utilized all the space
we had. As I knelt, my bottom was cushioned
between my inner ankles while the toes of one
foot lay across the other. I understood
that sin separated me from God.
I prayed for the LORD to forgive my sin. I
was sorry I ever had a part of my Savior's
suffering. Tears streamed down my face as
I thought of the darkness that wrapped
around the world when Christ was taking upon
Himself ever single sin from Adam and Eve
to the last person who would ever be created!
Not just any man could have withstood that horror.
God Himself in Christ had become our sacrifice!
My pastor's sermon from the Word of God
had brought the Holy Spirit to move upon me
in His saving Grace that night as I truly
cried in sorrow for His forgiveness of my sin.
There may be some who ask, "What sin could
a young child commit to bring them to this
Life changing commitment?" I had learned
in Sunday School that, "All have sinned and
fallen short of the Glory of God." Just one small
lie is enough to separate one from this Holy and
Just God. His Word also tells us that we were
conceived and born in sin. So, that in and of
itself is enough to separate us from our
Holy God. For me? I had stolen a penny pack
of cool-aide from our little "country" store
down the street.
God's Word says, " Salvation is so simple that a
child can understand it." I, as a third grade child,
had understood and my life was changed forever.
More to come...

Monday, February 15, 2010

For the Love of God

It's a shame that this phrase many times is used in the
negative. However, as a Christian, I have great excitement
with the Holy Spirit's indwelling that opens my heart and
mind to God's Love. He stirs me to want more of my
Awesome Holy Almighty Creator Savior God!

Those who do not personally know Jesus, have no idea
what Christians are talking about. That's the wonder of
God when I look back on my life. It's only in coming to the
Saving Grace of Christ that reveals Himself personally to
you. What an awesome relationship that faith in the only
Living God can bring to your life! As I grow in His Word,
the more He reveals His Truths. The more I grow in my
LORD, the less I'm interested in the ways of the world.
What becomes important is the Love of God in our
families, friends, and those we bring to Christ's
Saving Grace!

My earliest rememberance of the Lord in my
life was when I was four years old. I had been
playing with friends when they were called in
to eat lunch. I was supposed to have gone home,
but didn't. There was a metal Navy foot locker
we kids had been playing with and I decided to
climb in shutting the lid over me. In doing so,
the tongue fell over the slot locking me inside.
I couldn't get out! It was getting hot due to the
foot locker being in the direct summer sunlight.
After crying out, kicking, and pounding, the heat
turned my body into a saturated "ragdoll." I
began to get sleepy as it became harder to breath.
I remember a calmnest coming over me as I began
to pray to Jesus. The miracle is what happened
next! The mom and her children had been sitting
at the table beside the AC window unit. She says
she had a sudden feeling to check to make sure I
had gone home. When she opened the trailor door,
the first thing in her sight was...the foot locker.

I can't describe the cool/reviving breath of life that
came into me when she opened the lid! The prayers
of a four year old were answered through the moving
of God's Holy Spirit upon a caring mom.

More to Come...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

When is their a better time
to tell those we love, than on
Valentine's Day!
Mom and dad were married
in 1947. They both are now
experiencing a Love we can
not know fully (until we cross
to the other side.) That being, the
LOVE of our Heavenly Father
in His fullness!

My brother and sister-in-law
were married in 1970. What
a great and wonderful couple
who puts the LORD first in
their lives! Such examples they
are to their children and others
they minister to, will forever
be rewarded!

My nephew and niece, I love you
with all my heart! You are
so loving and giving of yourselves.
I pray special blessings on you
and those you hold dear to
your hearts.
I love you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Interesting Marks!

I noticed from the time I adopted Sam at
eight weeks old, he had this mark on the
back of his neck that looked like one of
the knights in armor. The helmet has a
spike on top and a hood over his nose!
His mouth is gaping open as if to say,
"Don't joust with me!"

My friend's cat looks as though he has
a "Phantom of the Opera" mask over
his face. Not to mention, "bat" ears!
Maybe he knows about Batman and
where his cave is(?)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Lazy Cat

Sarah likes to sleep on her back with her feet
stuck up in the air! She was sleeping so
hard, she didn't even realize when I took her
picture! It was in the dark with the flash too!
The flash didn't even wake her up, lol!